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Celebrating Young Artists and Raising Awareness

In the heart of Orange, New South Wales, in Orange City Centre, lies an art display that’s as charming as it is unique. The “Our Orange Our Schools Art Program” is a celebration of youthful creativity, and it has inspired a crucial message.

Four unassuming panels greet you, adorned with black and white pencil drawings on their front. But the real magic happens when you walk behind them. Hidden on the back are vibrant, colourful images that paint a world of imagination. Why they hide the good stuff I don’t know?

In an age where conflicts continue to disrupt the lives of innocent children during the israel-palestine conflict, it’s important to recognize that any one of these drawings could have been drawn by an Israel or Palestinian kid, does their race or religion change the importance of their lives, the beauty of their art and their impression they leave on this world? NO.

Every young artist could be any child caught in the crossfire. As we admire the artistry of the “Our Orange Schools Art Program,” let’s remember the world’s children, acknowledge that every child’s life is precious, regardless of their origin, and renew our commitment to a world where no child, regardless of their background, deserves to live in fear or face the horrors of war.

Children of the World NEED our help –> Sound of Freedom –