Started: 2018 | Expected: 2026. (University Distinction Assignment)

Status: On Hold | Unsure | Switch to GoDot

Concept: You’re a Node (robot thing) and you live inside a PC, your job is to maintain the PC and defend from Viruses/Malware and Rats/Roaches and anything else you find in a PC on a Macro level.

Genre: 3D Role-playing Adventure Action


16/10/2023 – Move Away from Unity3D

  • Fix the Model and the Camera FPS view – make Flying an ADMIN option only for debugging
  • Many Errors since Update Unity, Fix Missing or lost Prefabs.
  • Fix Lost Lighting and Postprocessing effects.
  • Cleanup Scenes to what is being used.
  • Update all plugins
  • Major housekeeping required on this project before adding more, something went wrong with it