How To Setup & Play Brutal Doom on Linux

Linux Mint / Arch Linux

We have 2 Tutorials for the people out there who remember the times when you had to configure your OS to play games. Well, here we go again, except its because we want to πŸ™‚ Brutal Doom Mod is amazing, so we decided as part of our christmas party plans and a gift to the world to Multiplayer this game. We have released 2 videos on how to setup on Windows or Linux (mint). We may release one on port forwarding later (to enable internet multiplayer)

Please Note: We had some sound issues on our new Linux Mint System we did not resolve before making the video, so may hear cracks, and sounds.
We’re also working on improving our resolutions of videos to at least 1080 but we always like to conserve space where we host.

We also made it work on ARCH LINUX 2024 Below


use YAY for installing zandronum –> https://linux-packages.com/aur/package/zandronum
BUILD Doomseeker –> https://doomseeker.drdteam.org/git.php
Most other things are simular to the MINT install Video

If your using Arch we assume you know what your doing πŸ˜‰

XMAS Theming our Website in 30 mins

Hey there, Today, we’re diving into the festive spirit with a special tutorial on how to give your business a merry makeover using GIMP Editor and WordPress!

In this video, we’re adding a touch of Christmas magic – Santa hats gracefully adorning our website icons! Best part? We’re doing it all for free, using the incredible power of GIMP Editor and WordPress on Linux.

Learn the ropes of GIMP Editor – a fantastic, free tool for graphic design on Linux. We’ll walk through the basics and unleash your creativity.

We’ll superimpose Christmas hats using GIMP
We’ll customize WordPress with Snow

Why Linux? We’re all about embracing open-source goodness, and Linux provides the perfect playground for our festive endeavors.

How To Setup & Play Brutal Doom 2 On Windows 10

As an adolescent, this game left an indelible mark on my formative years, shaping my journey into the realms of creativity and technology. Crafting numerous levels for DOOM ignited my passion for level design, a flame that burned brightly as I delved into creating experiences for Duke3D and Blood.

This pivotal chapter not only steered me towards a hobby in Game Development but also laid the foundation for my flourishing path in the world of Information Technology, all tracing back to the humble beginnings of DOOM on my trusty 386