Go Private

There is no need to pay subscription fees every year to run a business or just work from home. Are you concerned about your data being handed around the cloud and/or tired of Microsoft’s expense and constant spying on you and your users, we can set you up on Linux and move you away from Cloud Providers and prying eyes. Linux systems offer fantastic privacy and security as compared to other OS, like Windows or Mac. Many customer are actually doing this right now due to recent events, data breaches and general distrust of the system.

We do the following:

  • Examine current workflows and programs used to ensure compatibility or alternatives on new platform.
  • Backup all your Data
  • Install Linux (ubuntu/Mate/Kodachi or whatever distribution would suit you best, some people opt for security others ease of use). Linux tends to run better on older systems as well which means you don’t need to purchase new computers.
  • Replace Microsoft Office with Apache Open Office or similar.
  • Setup email with Thunderbird for example instead of Outlook.
  • Educate you on how to use the new setup and keep yourself secure
  • Offer additional Security such as VPN, MAC address spoofing.
  • Show you how to find information and get around the Censorship.

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