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Unity’s Betrayal of Developers. BOSS IT SOFTAWARE Porting – Limited Time to Create Content – Posts only on Wednesdays

Unity3D’s Pricing Shift and the Porting of our Programs to Unreal Engine|Godot.

Unity3D, well-regarded for its prowess as a 3D Game Engine, has rolled out a revised pricing model that pertains to software installations. While Unity3D clarified that these charges apply exclusively to the initial installation, concerns have arisen, particularly concerning multi-platform deployments. This shift has ignited discussions within the Developer communities.

The Porting of our Projects

The decision to port some programs, from Unity to Unreal Engine 5 is a significant undertaking. Unreal Engine 5’s cutting-edge features, such as Nanite and Lumen, offer a promising environment to elevate the gaming experience, but how does that apply to 2 and 2.5D? This transition requires meticulous planning and resource allocation, thus we have requirement to reduce our Social Media Posts.

Evolution of Our AI Assistant

While Unity3D is not traditionally known as an AI development or 3D modelling platform, its capabilities in these domains have been continually expanding. Unity3D’s pricing changes introduced uncertainties and increased costs for developers. To ensure we maintain a sustainable approach in development, we have chosen to explore Unreal Engine 5 and Godot Engine for prototyping and smaller projects.

MoboNode – Benevolent AI Assistant (Based on Jamie Boss) – AI API Model Work in Progress in Unity NOW –> Porting to Unreal Engine 5 –> Goal to Make an AI and seeks and Destroys Evil AI’s

We have developed quite a few projects over the years, and Unity3D’s pricing shift has prompted us to re-evaluate our development  strategy. While we transition our AI assistant to alternative platforms, we remain committed to innovation. Have you been betrayed by Unity? Please let us know.

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