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Tell Us About Your Easter Eggs

Ah, the enchanting universe of software Easter eggs! These hidden gems have intrigued tech lovers from the early days of 56k modem BBS services to now.

Boss IT Solutions has been in this game since the word go—feeling nostalgic?

The Microsoft Excel 95 Easter Egg: “The Hall of Tortured Souls”

This Easter egg is no accidental find. Hidden deep within Excel 95, unveiling “The Hall of Tortured Souls” requires some detective work. It’s a meticulously concealed feature that takes you from bland spreadsheets to a 3D world showcasing the developers themselves! To unearth this well-guarded secret, follow this in-depth YouTube guide

The name of this Easter egg, “The Hall of Tortured Souls,” might raise eyebrows. Could this be a form of silent protest or a creative vent for developers who felt stifled or underappreciated?

Have You Discovered Any Easter Eggs in Software? Speak up, we’re all ears!

What software concealed the Easter egg you stumbled upon? Is it possible to unlock these hidden gems on today’s hardware, or shall we fire up a virtual machine?