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BOSS IT – Blasts a Windows Vista Machine

BOSS IT – Blasts the Dust out of an Old Vista Box
We essentially Migrated a Windows Vista Machine and Mail across to a newer machine running Windows 10 and Thunderbird. We had to use 3rd party tools to achieve this and most Techs wouldn’t have bothered. But not BOSS IT. πŸ™‚ We go the extra mile.

The PC that runs on an Angle

Welcome to BOSS IT, where we tackle tech troubles with a dose of humor! In our latest video, we share a side-splittingly funny ‘bandaid’ fix for a noisy PSU fan. Forget disassembling – join us for a good laugh and discover our clever workaround that’s more about comedy than a practical solution. Don’t miss out on the fun – subscribe for more hilarious tech antics and DIY shenanigans!

Assisted someone with an Virus infested XP machine

BOSS IT just assisted someone with an XP machine and 5 other devices onsite. Taken XP machine offsite as virus infected. Advised to replace customer adamant to keep it. Will will do our best to clean it up and have it back next week. It will be secured as best as xp can be.