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Testimonial – Ewa D

“Jamie was available to assist me on short notice, remotely on a Saturday afternoon.  I was so relieved to get the help.  We worked through the tasks together and everything was resolved on the first call.  I found Jamie to be very professional, delivering on a commitment with warmth and humour.  I am so please to have found Jamie and will always engage him for any IT support.  I highly recommend Boss IT to anyone needing easy to access and easy to follow tech support.”

Ewa D
Bathurst NSW 2795

Testimonial – Family First Credit Union

We contacted Boss IT due to an IT matter that had remained unresolved for months. Jamie attended our site within days, identified the issue and liaised with our external providers to bring the matter to a successful conclusion. I valued Jamie’s quick service and attention, his clear reporting on the issue and the steps he intended to take to fix the issue. I highly recommend his services and will continue to use him in the future.

Adam Marshall | Chief Executive Officer

Family First Bank


Testimonial – Melissa Young

You gotta love supporting local businesses! Recently my computer decided to throw it’s metaphorical hands up declaring it was dying a slow and tragic death but the finances were not forthcoming to replace it just yet. I contacted Jamie Boss from BOSS IT SOLUTIONS and he was able to perform a resurrection that even the best IT guys would not be able to achieve without a squillion dollar price tag! It truly was a miracle!
Jamie was able to retrieve the data, sort the main issues and enable new life back, so I’m now able to get my admin hat back on for an amazingly affordable price!
I had to gift him with some Primal Alternative cookies because frankly I was so grateful for not only saving my PC, but also my wallet and my admin sanity!
Thanks, Jamie!! You’re a champion!
Melissa Young

Windows VS macOS VS Linux – A BOSS IT SOLUTIONS In-Depth Analysis

Selecting the right operating system (OS) for your business is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact productivity, efficiency, and security. The most important consideration is that if you decide on a particular setup, you make sure to streamline as much as possible. Mixing Mac, PC, and Linux can be challenging. At BOSS IT SOLUTIONS, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of three prominent OS options for businesses: Microsoft Windows, Apple’s macOS, and the open-source Linux.

Microsoft Windows: The Versatile Workhorse

Microsoft Windows has long been a cornerstone of the business world, offering a wide array of features and capabilities:

  1. Application Compatibility: Windows is renowned for its compatibility with a vast range of business software, including the ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite. This broad compatibility streamlines workflows for businesses of all sizes.
  2. Customizability: Windows offers a high degree of customization, enabling businesses to tailor the OS to their specific needs. This adaptability is crucial for configuring systems to precise operational requirements.
  3. Legacy Systems Support: Many businesses rely on legacy software designed specifically for Windows. Choosing Windows ensures the seamless functioning of these mission-critical applications.
  4. Enterprise-Grade IT Management: Windows provides a comprehensive suite of IT management tools, simplifying the management of large numbers of computers and users. This robust management capability ensures stability and security.
  5. Gaming and Multimedia Production: Windows is a preferred choice for businesses involved in gaming or multimedia production, offering unparalleled support for a wide range of hardware and software dedicated to these industries.
  6. Active Directory Integration: For businesses using Microsoft’s Active Directory for user management and security, Windows is the natural fit, integrating seamlessly with this enterprise-grade solution.
  7. Reliability and Long-Term Support: Microsoft has a strong history of delivering reliable and long-term support for its operating systems, ensuring a stable and consistent environment for business operations.

Apple’s macOS: The Elegance of Integration

Apple’s macOS is popular among businesses, particularly in creative environments, thanks to its unique advantages:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Apple’s OS boasts an intuitive and user-friendly design, reducing the learning curve and enhancing overall efficiency for users.
  2. Hardware-Software Integration: Apple’s control over both the hardware and software components ensures seamless compatibility and performance. This synergy is especially valuable for creative professionals relying on Apple’s ecosystem for tasks like video editing, graphic design, and music production.
  3. Security: macOS is known for its robust security features, including Gatekeeper and FileVault, which protect sensitive business data. Frequent updates and the stringent app review process on the Mac App Store contribute to a secure computing environment.
  4. Customer Support: Apple offers top-notch customer support, including AppleCare, providing businesses with peace of mind and ensuring rapid resolution of any technical issues.
  5. Collaboration: macOS ensures compatibility with Microsoft Office and various productivity apps, making it suitable for most business workflows.

Linux: The Open-Source Powerhouse

Linux, an open-source OS, is the choice for businesses with unique needs and requirements:

  1. Cost-Efficiency: Linux is often free to use, significantly reducing operating costs for businesses. The open-source nature of the OS can lead to substantial cost savings.
  2. Customization: Linux’s open-source architecture allows for deep customization, ideal for businesses with distinct IT requirements.
  3. Stability: Linux is known for its stability and security, making it particularly appealing for servers and data centers, where system reliability is critical.
  4. Scalability: Businesses with diverse infrastructure needs can benefit from the scalability of Linux, whether operating on servers, embedded systems, or IoT devices.
  5. Community Support: The active and helpful Linux community provides extensive documentation, forums, and support for businesses using the OS, reducing the barriers to implementation and maintenance.

Acknowledging the Complete Picture

While each OS has its own merits, it’s essential to acknowledge that the notion that macOS is exclusively the best choice for creative industries is not accurate. The choice of an operating system should be based on your business’s specific requirements, industry, and budget constraints.

It’s important to understand that both Windows and macOS offer features and tools that can be useful for a wide range of users, including those in creative fields. While Windows has been the OS of choice for many businesses due to its versatility and extensive compatibility, macOS, with its elegance and integrated hardware-software experience, can also be a viable option for creative and business environments.

BOSS IT SOLUTIONS is here to provide guidance and support as you make the optimal choice for your business’s IT environment. Whether you prefer the versatility of Windows, the elegance of macOS, or the power of Linux, our goal is to empower your business to operate efficiently, securely, and in alignment with your long-term IT goals. What’s your Favourite OS and why?


Boss IT Solutions truly impressed me. The technician was not only super friendly but also incredibly skilled. They took my computer and performed magic – dual booting it with Linux and Windows. Now, my PC runs like a dream, no more overheating, and I’ve got the convenience of two operating systems. I challenge anyone to find an IT guy who would go to such lengths to make a customer happy. Thank you, Boss IT, for your outstanding service

Tony M

Testimonial – Bindweld

I first heard about Boss IT through word of mouth, a friend of mine had said Jamie did an excellent job troubleshooting some network issues in his office.

I don’t know much about computers and my number one fear is someone taking advantage of my nativity, so was glad to have a good recommendation. Jamie was immediately available, super friendly, honest, and used his contacts to get me awesome pricing on a new laptop, and later on a modem/router.

He installed and networked the whole lot quickly, and in my business, time offline is costly, so was glad to be back in action. Jamie really works hard to make sure we’re happy and regularly checks in to see if everything’s still ok. I’d recommend Unique Geeks to anyone wanting a reliable, personal IT service.

Mark Baker
NSW Sales Manager
North Sydney NSW

Testimonial – Werx Creative Recruiting

We have been dealing with Jamie Boss for around 5 years now. Jamie has basically been exclusively our IT Consultant during this time. He has helped install hardware and software, as well as trouble-shoot problems on and off site.

His excellent response times and problem-solving have meant we have suffered very little down-time in the past five years. Would highly recommend Jamie.

Wendy Simkins – CEO
Werx Creative Recruiting

Testimonial – Salon & Spa

I have used Boss IT for around 5 years, and have found Jamie to be personal, prompt, attentive and he has an intuitive way of saving time and money for our company.

Having tried a few other IT firms, we realised we needed a more pragmatic, honest and value oriented approach. Jamie’s knowledge of products and systems allowed us to save thousands of dollars over the last few years.

I would urge new clients to give Jamie a try if they want to reduce their IT bill at the same time as saving money.

Duncan Macpherson
Salon & Spa
St Leonards NSW

Testimonial – AnneM

I have been a customer of Boss IT for approx 8 years. Having recently retired from a large corporation, and being used to having IT support at work being instant and automatic, it is very re-assuring to have Boss IT provide that same type of instant and reliable support to my home computer.

Jamie is knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and cost-effective. He is quick to respond to all my home IT needs and offers suggestions for appropriate upgrades and protection applications. It is a pleasure to recommend him to my friends.

Pymble NSW

Testimonial – Mike George Planning

Jamie Boss has provided excellent service to my firm over the past 10 years. He has quickly responded to calls for help, including home visits, and has displayed great patience with old people who neither understand nor care about the reasons for their problem.

Mike George
Mike George Planning