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Beyond Fixation: BOSS IT’s Obsessive Nurturing of Vintage Tech

Every so often, we stumble upon hidden treasures in the most unexpected places. Picture this: a computer humming away, emanating heat that warms the entire room, adorned with layers of cat and dog hair, a true relic of a bygone era. These aging machines, despite their antiquity, hold a special place in the hearts of their owners, who are steadfast in their determination to keep the nostalgic flame alive.

At BOSS IT, we’ve made it our mission to breathe new life into these time-worn tech wonders. These aging computers, with their clunky Mechnical PS2 keyboards and noisy hard drives, might seem like candidates for the local tip or even better a technology museum, but for their devoted owners, they are cherished artifacts worth preserving.

Virtual machines may be a modern alternative, offering a streamlined and efficient solution to computing needs. However, our clients yearn for more than just practicality. They crave the familiar hum of the old machines, the tactile feel of the keys, and the comforting warmth that only a vintage computer can provide. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about rekindling the emotions and experiences tied to a bygone era.

BOSS IT understands the sentimentality attached to these aging relics, being supporting and tinkering with them since 1990’s. We keep old PCs alive while offering the imaging their OS for a potential move to a new Machine inside a VM.

In a world where technology relentlessly pushes forward, BOSS IT stands as a beacon for those who wish to hold on to a piece of the past. Sometimes, the most precious gems are the ones covered in a layer of dust, waiting to be rediscovered and cherished once more.

Old School IT – The Floppy Disk Drill Hack

Picture this: You pull out a USB stick and, with a simple drill, you drill a hole in it, doubling its storage capacity. Well, not quite a USB stick, but back in the early days, we used a hack to do something similar with ordinary floppy disks.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, floppy disks were the go-to method for storing digital data on personal computers. They came in various shapes and sizes, with the 3.5-inch floppy being the most popular choice, although the larger and thinner 5.25-inch disks were also in use. However, not all floppies were created equal.

5.25-inch Disk – The Big Black Disk we originally had: (Top Left in Picture)

-Single Density disks: 360 kilobytes (KB) of data

-Double Density disks : 720KB.

3.5-inch: Smaller, more solid disk (Bottom Left in Picture)

-Single Density disks: 720 kilobytes (KB) of data

-Double Density disks : 1.44 megabytes (MB)

The Ingenious Hack

So, what was this ingenious hack? It was as simple as using a drill to create an extra hole in the floppy disk’s casing. One of the most appealing aspects of this hack was the potential for cost savings. Official Double Density disks could be quite expensive, but with the drill hack you could save some cash.

Do you remember doing this?

Got any hacks for us to talk about? 🙂

Can You Revive the Classic Windows 3.1 Mahjong Game on Modern PCs?

A customer asked me today about Mahjong on Windows 3.1, it holds a special place in her heart, yearning for the classic Windows 3.1 Mahjong experience. Well, there’s good news. You can enjoy it on your latest Windows 10 or 11 PC. In this article, we’ll explore three different methods: using the Microsoft App Store, visiting a dedicated website, and for the tech-savvy, the DOSBox method.

Method 1: Microsoft App Store for Windows 10 and 11: If you’re running Windows 10 or 11, you’re in luck. Microsoft has expanded its app offerings to include some classic Windows games. Here’s how you can play Windows 3.1 Mahjong directly from the Microsoft App Store:

  1. Access Microsoft Store:
    • Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 or 11 PC, either through the taskbar icon or by searching for “Microsoft Store” in the Start menu.
  2. Search for “Mahjong”:
    • Inside the Microsoft Store, use the search bar to look for “Mahjong.”
  3. Install the Game:
    • Browse the search results to locate the classic Windows 3.1 Mahjong game, if available.
    • Click “Install” to download and install the game on your PC.

Method 2: for Web-Based Play: For those who prefer a hassle-free web-based experience, offers an excellent option. This online platform hosts a collection of retro games, including Mahjong. To play Windows 3.1 Mahjong on, follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for “Windows 3.1 Mahjong”:
    • Utilize the site’s search bar or explore the game library to locate the classic Windows 3.1 Mahjong game.
  3. Begin Playing:
    • Click on the game to launch it directly in your web browser, eliminating the need for downloads or installations.
  4. Relive Fond Memories:
    • Enjoy the nostalgia of Windows 3.1 Mahjong, just as you remember it.

Method 3: DOSBox for Tech Enthusiasts: (We really don’t recommend this unless you’ve really got nothing better to do)

  1. Download and Install DOSBox:
    • Head to the official DOSBox website and download the suitable version for your operating system.
    • Follow the installation instructions.
  2. Install Windows 3.1:
    • Obtain a legitimate Windows 3.1 installation disk or image from a trusted source, this may prove difficult.
    • Launch DOSBox and mount the directory containing your Windows 3.1 files.
  3. Install and Enjoy:
    • Run the Windows 3.1 setup and install the operating system within DOSBox.
    • Once installed, launch Windows 3.1 within DOSBox and find the classic Mahjong game in the Games folder.

You can relive the joy of playing Windows 3.1 Mahjong on your modern Windows 10 or 11 PC.

Should you encounter any technical challenges or require IT support, Boss IT Solutions stands ready to assist.

Tell Us About Your Easter Eggs

Ah, the enchanting universe of software Easter eggs! These hidden gems have intrigued tech lovers from the early days of 56k modem BBS services to now.

Boss IT Solutions has been in this game since the word go—feeling nostalgic?

The Microsoft Excel 95 Easter Egg: “The Hall of Tortured Souls”

This Easter egg is no accidental find. Hidden deep within Excel 95, unveiling “The Hall of Tortured Souls” requires some detective work. It’s a meticulously concealed feature that takes you from bland spreadsheets to a 3D world showcasing the developers themselves! To unearth this well-guarded secret, follow this in-depth YouTube guide

The name of this Easter egg, “The Hall of Tortured Souls,” might raise eyebrows. Could this be a form of silent protest or a creative vent for developers who felt stifled or underappreciated?

Have You Discovered Any Easter Eggs in Software? Speak up, we’re all ears!

What software concealed the Easter egg you stumbled upon? Is it possible to unlock these hidden gems on today’s hardware, or shall we fire up a virtual machine?