Precept Hunter – The Narrow Path

Started: 2022| Expected: ????

Status: On hold
Concept: Educational Question and Answer Game to progress down the Narrow Path.
Genre: 3D Educational Game
Free-To-Play for All

Updated In-Game Video – Beta 0.1b




  • Fixed up Precept import Questions Answers and Random Wrong answers
  • Game is now somewhat playable
  • 13 Precept Questions Added
  • Donation Links and Buttons Added
  • Instructions Added


  • Dealing with WebGL issues, woke up to find that it is not working.
  • Reduce Animation on title screen to none (Troubleshooting WebGL)
  • Decided not to focus on WebGL
  • Uploaded Video for those who cant play the Demo over the web
  • Adding Volume Sliders for Music and FX


  • Added some Particle Effects
  • Created and put in a Heaven gate with Animations
  • End level Voice
  • Admin Overrides for all aspects for inhouse ease of development (IE Skip to end, all questions correct, Time speed increase, Admin Panel)
  • More Rocks and Terrain worked on
  • Researching Water Shaders
  • Fixed AudioManager kinda
  • Improved Day and Night Lighting and Script
  • Increased Precept Questions from 15 to 21
  • Color Space set to Linear
  • WebGL issues mostly resolved. Null Exception errors fixed.

18/08/2022 – 1-2 Hours (was with clients all day and last 2 days too busy to Dev)

  • Worked with Host to Fix WebGL Error Specifically (“HTTP Response Header “Content-Type” configured incorrectly on the server for file Build/WebGL.wasm , should be “application/wasm”. Startup time performance will suffer.”
  • Gzip Compression is still a problem, so Not Compressed – Loading bar hangs at 90% using compression
  • Added another 15 Precepts
  • Uploaded newer Beta 0.1b version with minor improvements
  • Fix Precepts so they are spaced out better, Fixed some fonts, also highlight selected button precepts (need to fix highlight automatically on mouse over when canvas is disabled)
  • Turned OFF All Global Illumination to speed up Dev Time, Turned off all Real time lighting as well.
  • Created Additional Buttons for Future use in the Main Menu – Options/Credits
  • Trialing ways to fudge HTML code to Force full Screen or put the Expand on top

19/08/2022 – 3 Hours

  • 15 More Precepts now Total of 55 In game
  • Rewrote the CSV Extraction and Changed much code
  • Made more use of List<> and working on List<List<>> and removing Arrays
  • Made Game Compile all data from CSV Preload rather than on demand for each Question
  • Replaced some excessive IF checks with Do/While Statements
  • Reduced Singleton Instances being called from other Scripts as hard to track down what is doing what. Moved almost all Singleton Calls into GameManager() such as UIManager(), PreceptManager() and LevelManager() Calls.
  • Deleted and Refined much Code, Commented much code.
  • Studying how to Manipulate List of List objects of Custom Classes in the Unity Inspector.
  • Trying to Randomize Levels bought on all the above work. Basically Code refinement and rewriting inefficient and lazy code.

20/08/2022 – 6 Hours+

  • Randomized the Levels, using Custom List<>T Class
  • Created Precepts in List<list<>> format and rewrote the PreceptManager() Script
  • Updated GUI to show total Questions to answer
  • Fixed Animation Controller – Player not standing back up, but wont work in WebGL though.
  • Randomized Button Locations on Failed Attempts
  • fixed highlight automatically on mouse over when canvas is disabled
  • Added Admin option to show the correct button for debugging
  • Added a ScoreManager() and Scoring mechanism.
  • Added a CameraManager() for future manipulation of Camera
  • Started Profiling Performance
  • Basic Credit Roll Scene

//TODO (BOLD is priority)

  • Precepts – Continue to populate the database daily (10 a Day Goal)
  • Fix Shaking Terrain in WebGL, test and see if same on PC Build
  • Come up with a way to deal with overlapping precepts? i.e Some precepts are in other questions so randomizing wrong answers could lead to player actually picking what is correct, but the game has only allocated a single button as correct answer, this will cause confusion.
  • Fix Timing issue between correct and wrong answers
  • create basic Cube when question is answered to make the buttons seem part of environment and fall away
  • Fix the Audio Manager once and for all and enable dontDestroyOnLoad – Manage it from GameManager Script / Place Sound objects in the environment and use natural 3D effect
  • Fix Skybox and Light Intensity. Lerp between Skybox Materials or RGBs and Lerp the Lighting Intensity to match
  • Add more Terrain details
  • Make the title screen more lively
  • Make some kinds of Animated Cherub deliver the Precept Questions to the players touch Animation, Get the Delay between Asking correct
  • Fine tune Post Processing
  • Weather Effects – System
  • Volumetric Clouds
  • Eye Candy – Birds, Butterflies, Glow Bugs, Lava Balls coming up from the Lava pools with Real time lighting effects
  • Fix the waterfall
  • Implement a High Scores using Domain PHP Database
  • Consider adding a Text to Speak Library
  • Add support for Android and iPhone/iPad
  • Improve the narrow path with static randomness of some kind, better Texture, Add Normals and make it bumpy, Possibly do in Blender and create multiple segments
  • Add some randomized and/or timed events (angels, Demons)